I want to leave this town so bad yet I have so far till I go to London.

so my boyfriend is gone at camp right now and I am honestly so lonely, he has no way to talk to me and I have so much I want to tell him… he always makes me laugh when I’m down and i cut my leg really badly so I can’t move and I just want him to come and take care of me.

some say I am too skinny some say I am too fat, lately I decided why care as long as I am happy with what I look like.

so today this bitch at taco time gave me the meanest look ever because I was wearing shorts in 95 degree weather… and so all I said is my dad owns dis place and I’ll fire yo ass…

I wonder who follows me and actually knows me…

I’m so lonely and no one is awake… ugh

sometimes I wish I could erase you from my past but I quickly remember all the lessons you taught me and how you showed me what not to look for in a guy.

all I want to do right now is cuddle with my amazing boyfriend but its the middle of the night and ugh I need a hug

I’m dating the best guy ever. I feel so lucky:)

it’s hard for me to open up to people about my past. so if I do you should feel very special.

So I have a new message but I can’t see it screw tumblr for the iPod

so I got really hot so now I have a fan blowing on my face.. I kinda feel like a model….

I want someone to kiss me like its the last chance they get.

oh wait 

I’m single most likely forever.


so I’m really excited for tomorrow to come but I can’t sleep cause I slept all day after my fucking 3 hour hike…. ugh hurry sun hurry!